Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The ghost of GG

Well, it seems that Musical Monday was quite well received. I don't have any expectation that because I like something everyone else who listens to it will like it too, but I think it's a good thing to be exposed to music that might pass us by otherwise. And my own taste is kind of unusual, as may become apparent over the weeks, so I am going to consider MM as something of a public service. That way I won't feel guilty when things get a bit more extreme! (I have one track that's particularly extreme in mind, and I'm smiling to myself as I think about it!) Anyway, it would be nice if we managed to start a blog trend between us, wouldn't it? So feel free to follow suit, and have a look here if you want more info. Exciting, isn't it?

Going back to my last post, I did slip in a little something that Ruthie spotted, and that was dinner in Belsize Park the other evening. Ruthie, you are very observant, and I must admit that I did happen to stumble across a rather cute French girl who, from here on in, I'll refer to as CFG. CFG and I seemed to hit it off, and there was some rather intense eye contact and finger touching going on. She amazed me at one point by absent-mindedly taking my hand as she sat at the table and just holding it against her lips... there was an intimacy about it that was quite unexpected. But nice.

We've been in contact since, and plan to go out on Thursday this week. But I just thought I'd ask anyone who's been around for a while if this email is reminiscent of anybody... tell me what you think:
You have a nice and smooth way to tell everything....nothing to add...or too many.
H (her son; Ed) was not well at all on sunday....but the worst is over!
So, when do you squeeze me in your agenda ? Thursday?.....I will be working until 5.30-6.00....

See what I mean? Could this be GG without the instability? And more importantly, why am I attracted to women who speak pigeon English? So many questions...

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