Saturday, March 04, 2006

The weekend is here

Yesterday was a good day in more ways than one. I woke up to see the sun streaming through my bedroom blinds, although it was cold… a frost covered the rooftops as I looked out of the window, and in the garden the lawn was a sheet of white. It reminded me of a New York winter’s day. None of the greyness, and the damp, that characterises winter over here.

The children, who’d gone to sleep relatively early the night before, bounded out of their beds, and actually ate their breakfast with something akin to relish. (That’s enthusiasm, as opposed to the kind of relish you might have in your burger… that wouldn’t be good for breakfast at all.) O was particularly excited, because she was appearing in her class assembly as Katherine Parr, and knew I was coming to watch and take one or two pictures. She was wonderful, naturally, although my enthusiasm was dampened by the fact that I’d forgotten my house keys and knew I was going to have to dismantle one of the windows when I got home to get back inside. A fact that amused a friend of mine who was also at the school, as he’s been witness to many a DIY mishap at Chez WDKY in the past.

Later, in the afternoon, I went to watch S play football, and he scored a couple of goals and then performed a heroic slide-tackle to prevent the opposition putting the match out of reach. His team lost, but S did win the medal for the day’s best performance. It’s hard to explain what his love of football means to me, but suffice it to say that it’s been a way of life since I was a young boy, and is ingrained in my psyche. From August, S will have his own season ticket at Tottenham and so the cycle of regeneration, father to son, will be complete once again.

A strange thing happened earlier this week, in that I got a couple of emails form the Cute Lawyer who I stopped seeing when I made that very ill-advised decision to try and rekindle a fated (if not fatal) attraction with “C”. Anyway, we had a talk on the phone and have decided to have some dinner tonight and just see where it takes us. Maybe nowhere, but the dinner will be good – it’s in an amazing restaurant… a kind of Moroccan/Turkish mix, run by a very eccentric gay European whose name I can’t recall (but it’s worth recalling, I know that much). I’ve booked a little room at the back with low tables and scatter cushions, lit by candles… I do like it there.

Right. I have children to feed, exercises to do, and a day to plan. It’s sunny again, and I think we need to get out there and make the most of it. It’ll be interesting to see if O and S share my enthusiasm, because the speed with which they took up their positions in front of both Playstation and TV was awe-inspiring this morning.

Have a fantastic weekend, all of you.

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